TemplateGenerator, or TGen for short, is a command line tool for generating files based on information in a property list file. This tool is just an extremely generalized version of EOReporter, working with simple plist files, instead of a model.

TGen was initially designed to be able to produce resumes in HTML from data in a plist, but it's uses are strictly limited by your imagination. For example, the Rubicode site itself can be easily generated using TGen.

TGen can be compiled and used on MacOS X 10.x, MacOS X Server 1.2, WebObjects/NT, and OPENSTEP. It comes with source code. It is a loose descendant of EOGenerator and EOReporter.


TGen is freeware. Please see our About page for more information.


We are always interested in bug reports, suggestions, comments, or any other feedback on TGen. Template donation would be greatly appreciated also. Send feedback to here.


1.3, March 2006

  • Built as universal binary for use on Intel Macs.
  • Updated with new MiscMerge; adds encoding support and fixes a few bugs.

1.2, November 2004

  • Updated to a new MiscMerge version; new features include a debug command, and additional commands to set variables at different levels.

1.1, December 2002

  • Updated to a new MiscMerge version; new features include break/continue and mathematical expressions.

1.0, November 2001

  • Initial release.