About Rubicode

Rubicode is a collection of engineers focused on releasing Mac OS X applications, tools and source.

The group was started in March of 2001 as BLaCKSMITH, Inc. was shutting down. Several Blacksmith engineers wished to continue developing and releasing tools that had previously been associated with Blacksmith, namely Carl Lindberg's EOGenerator and DBEdit applications. Although current offerings are geared towards developers, end user applications are under development.

Rubicode engineers are available on a contract basis to assist you with your Mac OS X related software development, network engineering and system administration projects. For details please contact here.

About Donations

Most software available from Rubicode is free for your use. While we enjoy developing free software, providing that software to you does cost us in time and money to provide these tools and maintain this web site. If you find our tools useful, and would like to donate some money via Paypal so we can maintain our server, click this:

Alternatively, if we ever meet, and you'd like to buy us a beer or pizza, that's cool too.

About the Developers

The founding developers on the Rubicode team are ex-Blacksmith employees who just didn't want to completely go their separate ways. Here's a little more information about our members.

Carl Lindbergclindberg.org

Carl Lindberg was at Blacksmith for nearly six years, and develops applications for NEXTSTEP, OPENSTEP, and now Mac OS X. He is the primary author of RCDefaultApp, DBEdit, and EOGenerator (prodded by many feature requests from his fellow developers), as well as AutoDoc (available at www.misckit.com) and ManOpen (available at www.clindberg.org).

Doug McClurebigdoug.com

Doug McClure joined Blacksmith in 1998, at it's zenith, and quickly became Carl's most profuse feature requester for DBEdit. He went on to develop EOReporter and TGen which turned out to be more useful than he originally planned on them being, and also RCEnvironment. His favorite pastimes include gobbling popcorn, movies, and annoying Carl with feature requests on his tools.

Mike Hovanhovan.org

Mike Hovan joined Blacksmith in early 1995, coming on board to lead development of Chartsmith (the company's shrink-wrapped graphing program for NeXTSTEP). Over the years he worked on commercial and consulting software projects, occasionally helped out in the training division, and created BLaCKSMITH's LAN and WAN network and systems infrastructure. He spent his final years at Blacksmith as the Director of IT. He is currently most interested in developing graphics applications for Mac OS X.

Mike Gentry

Mike Gentry joined Blacksmith in 1999, and is the co-author of EOGenerator. He noodles with Mac OS X and plays tennis in his spare time.

Ian P. Cardenasultraviole[n]t

Ian joined Blacksmith in the summer of '97 when business was good and the snack bar flowed freely. Now working in Chicago, he continues his advocacy of Apple technology whenever it is appropriate. He has written a couple of articles for Stepwise and will continue to contribute help and source code in the future.

Jason Miller

Jason joined Blacksmith in 1999 and currently works in the Washington DC metro area. He keeps swearing he's going to find the spare time to work on software for this site.