RCWOLittleHelper is an input manager bundle written to work around a couple of annoying bugs in EOModeler and WebObjects Builder on MacOS X that were driving us up the wall. Hopefully these bugs will be fixed in future WebObjects releases, but until they are we're offering this tool to ease the suffering a little bit.

The main bug fixed is the inability to tab through the cells in all the table views in EOModeler and in the inspector in WebObjects Builder. While we were at it, we also worked around a couple of undo crashers in WebObjects Builder.


RCWOLittleHelper is freeware. Please see our About page for more information.


We are always interested in bug reports, suggestions, comments, or any other feedback on RCWOLittleHelper. Send feedback to here.

We'd be happy to incorporate any other fixes that people have come up with. If we get reports of other repeatable crashers, we may look into them if we have time, but we can't make any guarantees about fixing them.


1.0, April 2002

  • Initial release.